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Rules for using the O1s

The club owns several O1s which are available for all our members to use once they have been suitably trained. The O1s are expensive and difficult to repair or replace so there are the rules you must bear in mind when using them.

Any member breaking any of the following rules may receive a temporary/permanent ban from using the O1s and will be held liable for any damage caused.


  • Only go on the water after Sunrise and before Sunset
  • Don't go out when there is poor visibility - eg, if clouds make it dark before technical Sunset


  • Check the wind gauge before you go out
  • Don't go out if wind speed is above 17 knots
  • Don't go out if there are white crests on the waves


  • Sign out the O1s in the log-book at reception
  • Sign back in when you come off the water - this let the Centre know not to search for you


  • Always wear a buoyancy aid - in any weather conditions.
  • Return O1s and floats to the positions you got them from
  • Don't hold floats by the metal arms - the pin attaching them break easily
  • Don't put O1s down on their steering fin - once bent they mess up the steering
  • Only use O1s and floats that have a Typhoon sticker on them
  • Use the older O1s before using the newest O1s – only use the orange o1s if the others are unavailable
  • 2 people are always required for lifting the O1s from the upper racks19

O1 Buddies

  • Never go out on the water alone
  • Only go out in an O1 when accompanied by an authorized person*
  • Stay within 50m of newer O1 partners
  • Stay within sight and hearing distance of all other paddlers
  • One partner may be on the dockside

There is list on the website in the members section, showing the paddlers who have been cleared to accompany paddlers out in O1s.

Lane Procedure

  • Stay in Lane 1 - turn within this lane - do not linger in Lane Zero
  • Pass on the left, overtake on the right
  • Paddle past the finish line at least 15m to avoid congestion here with rowers


  • Keep calm - signal your partner or landside help.
  • Use your O1 as a float to swim back to the pontoon - keep watching for other water users
  • If you are unable to swim back, signal your partner to ask for a safety launch